This website exists for my entertainment and for no other particular reason. Others are welcome to view it, and if they find it useful or enjoyable, that is a good thing (probably). I feel no obligation to pander to the needs or wants of anyone other than myself. Therefore, I caution the reader to take anything said on these pages with a healthy dose of skepticism.

I may comment on things I like, things I dislike, or even those things about which I am neutral (I think there may be some of the latter). Any matters of taste, politics, religion, philosophy, etc., are reflections of my own views and do not necessarily reflect those of any other being (except maybe my dogs who appear to accept my views unconditionally).

On the "Scripts" page of this site, I will from time to time publish scripts in various programming language that have been useful to me. Such scripts are published without warranty of any kind. I relinquish all rights of ownership which I may have in such scripts. Anyone may feel free to use them in any way they see fit with the understanding that such use is entirely at the risk of the user.