Blogging Software Revisited


In the (rather long) interval since I last wrote about blogging software, both the available software and my needs have changed. SimplePHPBlog, which was my choice back then, appears to be dieing as a project; both development and support appear to be fading away. In additon, I am now managing three websites, and at least one of the those sites needs capabilities beyond simplePHPBlog's abilities. is now running on Serendipity which shares many of SimplePHPBlog's attributes. For the moment at least, Serendipity meets the needs of that website.


For the other two websites (including this one), I decided to try LightNEasy which is described as a CMS (Content Management System) rather than blogging software. A CMS website can provide blog-like characteristics, but it has additonal capabilities which make it much more versatile. LightNEasy is available in two versions, one that stores data in text files and requires no database, and one that uses either MySQL or SQLite to store its data. I'm using both (not on the same website). For this website, I chose to use the database version with a SQLite database (I am not overly fond of MySQL because of the licensing policies). The database version seems to work well and offers some functionality not available in the non-database version.