I recently took over management of a club website and needed a simple membership roster. I looked at a number of free and commercial programs, but most either required MySQL (which I did not want to use) or were non-database programs which required a seperate file for each address. I eventually stumbled on a tutorial script for using PHP and MySQL to create my own program. Other than its use of MySQL, it was very close to what I wanted. I proceeded to re-write it to use SQLite instead, making other changes as needed to serve my needs. It appears to be working well. On a whim, I decided to re-write it again, to make it a general purpose Address Book and to make it available to anyone who wants to use it.

PSWAB (Php Sqlite Web Address Book) will work fin with any operating system. You must have a web server that works with PHP and PHP 5.x. I run Linux, and use Lighttpd as my web server. For Windows, you might want to look at Mongoose (Apache is overkill). Make sure that the SQLite extension (not SQLite3) is activated in php.ini.

The only other requirement is that the web server must have read/write privileges to the directory in which the PSWAB script is located.

The script follows (a zipped copy can be found here):