Scripts are provided “AS IS” with no support or guarantees. However, if you have a valid question, send me a message through the contact page, and, if I have time and think I know the I answer, I will try to respond.


PSWAB is a simple address book written in PHP5 and SQLite. It is by no means commercial quality, nor should it be treated as an example of of best programming practices or style. It may, however, provide some ideas for someone wanting to develop their own address book software. Improvement is, as they say, “left to the student”.



Gunbase uses almost the same programming concepts as PSWAB in that the user interface and the way it interacts with the database are nearly identical. I have made more use of both functions and arrays, and the script is more robust in that it handles html special characters better. It is, of course, not an Address Book, but an inventory program for gun owners. Again, be aware that this was developed as a learning exercise for me, and I make no claims about its usability.